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For B2B focussed Deep Tech startups, ‘Startup Zone’ is the platform you have been waiting for. We will bring the ‘customer’ to you; you need to demonstrate how your solution can add value.

‘SHOWCASE’ section has been designed with the objective of providing innovative technology startups with a platform to present their solutions directly to business users & earn Paid POC contracts starting at $10k

Value proposition for Startups

Real Business usecase

Startups are provided with real business usecases & data from Global clients of Accenture(including Fortune 500) to build Proof of Concept

Go-to-market strategy

Startups to collaborate with Accenture and its business by delivering the solution in a joint go-to-market strategy, by so, helping the startup in generating revenue.


Innovative startups get visibility with the clients across industries. We do regular pitch session with decision makers visiting India who are part of Accenture global client base


Startups, in addition to the aforementioned opportunities, will get mentorship and insights from Accenture Leadership and Accenture business heads

Grant allowance

Startups would be given a grant between $10-$30K to build paid POC for Accenture. Based on success of POC there is an opportunity to win large contracts


Accenture will provide free space to startups for the agreed duration (4 - 6 months) where the startups come and work from the space allocated

Accenture startup zone

Choose any one of the Themes listed below & submit your presentation which details out the anticipated gaps & unique business challenges, which your startup can address.Entries will be judged on the basis relevance to business and scalability.

Accenture Operations
  • SCM & Procurement
    Predictive procurement compliance analytics logistics analytics warranty claims analytics
  • Sales & Marketing
    Clickstream fraud analytics personalization omni channel analytics speech to text analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Information extraction knowledge representation machine reasoning dialogue manager natural language detection & generation information retrieval machine vision machine translation text similarity abductive reasoning
  • Website builder
    Requirement: A website builder which can reduce the time to create and publish a website. SaaS, Drag and drop website builders.
  • Human Resources
    Recruitment analytics resume parsing attrition prediction competency analytics
  • Omnichannel Analytics in Utilities
    Omnichannel analytics in utilities
  • Data Extraction
    Data extraction startups. structured to unstructured. data management
  • Analytics - Marketing
    Clickstream analytics, Lead generation scoring model, Integrating information from various silos.
  • Real time Speech to text
    Real time speech to text solution required for call center use.
  • Infrastructure
    Network failure prediction/alerts prioritization application failure prediction cloud spend analysis
  • Analytics- Sales & Customer
    Bots, Field force analytics, Incentive management planning
  • AR/VR
  • Finance
    Working capital optimization Intelligent collections Invoice level prediction T&E Analytics
  • Automation
    Robotic process automation platforms RPA as a service unique RPA delivery models virtual assistants for enterprise
  • Analytics - NLP
    Analytic companies working on ML and NLP
  • Product tagging using automation/ AI
    Requirement - an AI solution to automate product tagging for ecommerce website.
  • News Analyzer
    Require startups working on Data analysis an Data ingestion- mainly text analytics, AI algorithms, Machine learning algorithms, classification, AI capabilities in sentiment analysis of non-social media text.
Accenture Technology
  • IoT
    Startups in Internet of Things
  • Energy Storage Solutions
    Startups working on Energy Storage Solution. Battery Management, Home Automation, etc
  • Media OTT Platform/ Player
    Media - digital storage, in video search, media distribution, advertisement platform ( for example startups that may be relevant to a OTT player like a Hotstar)
  • Communications
    Communication – Super fast wireless, cheap roaming, virtual telephony, etc. (Relevant startups for Telecom)
  • Blockchain
    Do you have solution on blockchain use cases, such as smart contracts, identity management and share trading, supply chain management , etc please apply.
Accenture India Domestic Business
  • FS Company
    Extract company financial data, from all filings and presentations, and that is integral to financial modeling both for Equity and Credit research. Key financials & relevant tables are extracted from the sourced filings into Excel Besides English, we need Mandarin & Spanish documents processing
  • Battery Monitoring
    We are looking for startups working in battery monitoring / optimization.
  • FS company 2
    Financial Modelling-Ability to auto-create and maintain a model with relevant drivers and forecasts, with limited manual intervention features: Model Templates-have financial model templates for different sectors that provide a head-start to analysts for initiating new stock coverage Automated Forecasting-Pre-defined sector based forecasting methodology is applied to each line item for faster model completion Model Validation-Custom defined rules can be run on each model to ensure it meets analyst preferences and enterprise requirements Valuations and Charting-Distinct valuation methodologies and charts with linkages to relevant cells simplify company analysis
  • Labor compliance management
    The daily bio-metric attendance of labor at site need to be uploaded in the tool through mobile (with attached bio-metric device) or an independent bio-metric machine, along with his compliance status (by checking if all the required statutory doc. including KYC docs etc. are uploaded in the tool). Tool should be able to generate required output reports, so that HO would be able to get a comprehensive view of compliance status of all the labor at each site.
  • Renewable Energy Startups
    We are looking for startups working in the space of renewable energy using IoT, analytics or AI
Accenture India Corporate Function
    Corporate Partner

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