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For B2B focussed Deep Tech startups, ‘Startup Zone’ is the platform you have been waiting for. We will bring the ‘customer’ to you; you need to demonstrate how your solution can add value.

‘SHOWCASE’ section has been designed with the objective of providing innovative technology startups with a platform to present their solutions directly to business users & earn Paid POC contracts starting at $10k

Accenture startup zone

Choose any one of the Themes listed below & submit your presentation which details out the anticipated gaps & unique business challenges, which your startup can address.Entries will be judged on the basis relevance to business and scalability.

Analytics / Advanced Analytics
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Clickstream fraud analytics
    • Personalization
    • Omni channel analytics
    • Speech to text analytics
  • Finance
    • Working capital Optimization
    • Intelligent collections
    • Invoice level prediction
    • T&E analytics
  • SCM & Procurement
    • Predictive procurement compliance analytics
    • Logistics analytics
    • Warranty claims analytics
  • HR
    • Recruitment analytics
    • Resume parsing
    • Attrition prediction
    • Competency analytics
    • Social media for HR
  • Infrastructure
    • Network Failure Prediction/Alerts Prioritization
    • Application Failure Prediction
    • Cloud spend analytics
  • Industry specific
    • Health claims processing
    • Utilities Customer lifetime analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Cross Industry / Cross functional
    • Information extraction
    • Knowledge representation
    • Machine reasoning
    • Dialogue manager
    • Natural language detection & generation
    • Information retrieval
    • Machine vision
    • Machine translation
    • Text similarity
    • Abductive reasoning
  • Automation
    Cross Industry / Cross functional
    • Robotic Process Automation platforms
    • RPA as a Service
    • Unique RPA delivery models
    • Virtual Assistants for Enterprise
  • Fintech & Other
    Cross Industry / Cross functional
    • Blockchain
    • Digital payment
    • MPOS
    • IOT based payment
    • Other
Value proposition for Startups

Real Business usecase

Startups are provided with real business usecases & data from Global clients of Accenture(including Fortune 500) to build Proof of Concept

Go-to-market strategy

Startups to collaborate with Accenture and its business by delivering the solution in a joint go-to-market strategy, by so, helping the startup in generating revenue.


Innovative startups get visibility with the clients across industries. We do regular pitch session with decision makers visiting India who are part of Accenture global client base


Startups, in addition to the aforementioned opportunities, will get mentorship and insights from Accenture Leadership and Accenture business heads

Grant allowance

Startups would be given a grant between $10-$30K to build paid POC for Accenture. Based on success of POC there is an oppurtunity to win large contracts


Accenture will provide free space to startups for the agreed duration (4 - 6 months) where the startups come and work from the space allocated

Corporate Partner

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